A Gardener of Souls


Gardening is a favorite pastime of mine. Ever since my mother-in-law introduced me to the wonder of hydrangeas and hostas, bleeding heart and climbing roses, I’ve been smitten. Growing a few of our own vegetables has been a fun activity for our family, and clipping flowers to grace tables and dressers a wonderful reward for digging, mulching, pruning and fertilizing on a semi-regular basis.

Of course, sometimes my gardening efforts have ended in a less-than-stellar manner. There was the year I tried to grow corn in raised beds, and they only got to about two feet high. One year my beautiful blush-colored climbing rose had to be completely denuded of buds and blossoms, as thrips had taken over. And there has been more than one summer in which the Florida heat has kept me inside more often than not, to the detriment of my peas and tomatoes.

Gardening takes a lot of work.

And that doesn’t just apply to the botanical kind!

As Sally says here in Chapter Eight of The Mission of Motherhood …

“If our gardens need cultivating to grow well, our children need that attention much more. Seeds of excellence and grace must be planted and tended. The weeds of selfishness and bad attitudes must be plucked. The plot must be protected so that the wild storms and prevailing winds of culture will not damage the fruit. In addition, wise food for thought and the finest of art, music, literature, hospitality and creativity must be fed to fertilize the soul so that the child may grow fruitful and productive.

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  1. Tegan VB says:

    Thank you for your post! I’m trying to garden for the second year in a row. The first year went quite well, which was 100% to the thanks of my wonderful husband who tended my garden after I was put on bedrest for the entire summer (three weeks after we planted everything). So far high winds have blown away 10% of my garden (literally), but I do have 5% of my plants sprouting! It’s so exciting!

    I especially liked the quote comparing children to a garden. :D

    • I really enjoy gardening! I just hate the heat we sometimes suffer under for weeks at a time, which keeps me inside lazily ignoring the weeds … and the poor plants’ need for water, LOL! I hope you have a wonderful garden this year!

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