Need Thanksgiving Recipes?

Let’s get things straight: Food is important, people.

And so, since I’m coming back to the blogging world during this most important food week of the year, I’m going to share all our favorite Thanksgiving recipes all in one place! Ready? Here we go!!!

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Why, hello again!

Catch Up(1)

Well, that was quite a break, wasn’t it?

It’s truly been nearly a full *year*  since I’ve written here, aside from the post about my son’s accident back in February.  Titus 2 University has filled in (36 weeks “magically” became nearly 52–ha!) Life has been quite busy, of course, and it’s been good, I believe, to step aside for a little while.  I’ve taken three college courses and learned so much, my family has moved to a new town which we love, and of course there have been the general ups and downs common to every family.

Time to pick up the “pen” again, I believe.

I’ve learned a few things in the past year.  Many times I’ve thought–ooooh, I should write about that.  In the beginning of the year it happened often.  In the middle of the year I thought many times, “Boy, I’m glad I’m NOT writing right now,” haha!   These past few weeks I find myself once again hearing a scripture or message or something funny my kids say, and longing to share what I’m learning or thinking.

SO … I’m back!  And BIG NEWS: I’m moving!

Not my house, silly … just my blogging home!

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Titus 2 University–Week 36!

It’s actually here … our final week!!!

I’ll miss you all!

Here is your final download page with everything in the program. I do pray it’s been an encouragement to you and again, thank you so much for letting me be part of your life. I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to email me at anytime!